Wednesday, November 18, 2020

2020 Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

The second gift guide in my holiday edit is for the fitness enthusiast. We all have that one friend that is fitness obsessed. They know every instructor by name, own all the latest and greatest gear, and their athleisure collection far outweighs the rest of their wardrobe. So what do you get the fitness junkie? Lucky for you, this is my personality type -- so I've rounded up the most useful and unique gift options that are sure to please (speaking from personal experience, here). 

Yoga Mat | Pretty and functional! One of my favorite Amazon finds to date. Being that so many of us are working out at home, it was time to invest in a new yoga mat. We have this next to our Peloton, so when my ride is over, I hop onto the mat and start a strength class. It's durable, pretty to look at, and great quality! A good option for anyone working out from home during the pandemic, any Peloton app users, or yoga lovers.

Apple iWatch | I'm not the only fitness fanatic in my circle and all the girls (except myself) own an Apple watch. The fitness features are endless, and a great motivational tool to help reach your daily fitness goals. 

Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized to Fit Running Insole | For the runner in your life! This is a unique gift option that most people wouldn't think to add to a xmas wishlist. Runners are always looking for the one thing that will help them run longer, go faster, and without injury - these are an awesome addition to their running game, and a great stocking stuffer! 

Sweat Proof Hair Ties | You can never have too many of these! They are much better for your hair than the average hair tie, don't leave dents and creases, and don't get soaked with sweat. Another great stocking stuffer!

Weighted Jump Rope | A great cardio add that can be used at home, thrown into a backpack for at the gym, and works wonders for building strength and toning arms. The personal trainer I worked out with for years always incorporated a weighted jump rope into our routine, now you can provide a little PT for your favorite fitness lover at home. 

Lululemon Leggings | A cult favorite. You can never go wrong here. A solid pair of leggings are a must, and if you're an avid gym goer - you know you can't ever have too many quality leggings. Wear, wash, repeat! 

Self Cleaning Water Bottle | I love a reusable water bottle, but I hate how difficult they are to clean. They get dirty quickly, and with repetitive daily use germs can manifest. This is a bit of a splurge, but such a cool and unique gift! The bottle self-sanitizes the water and bottle via a built-in light. Definitely an idea for the one who has everything!

Smart Scale | Use code CHEEKYBEEN20 for 20% off of this one. I have this and absolutely love all the features it provides! I used to pay Orange Theory to run a full body scan periodically for me so I could keep track of measurements like body fat percentages, body mass index, water weight etc. This scale does all of that from home! If you have any Orange Theory lovers to shop for, I bet they'd like this!

Ankle Weights | These can also be worn around the wrist, and are fully adjustable for a little extra oomph to your daily walk or workout routine. Another item we used frequently in personal training sessions that double as great gear for at home. Lifting and toning, here you come!


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