Friday, March 27, 2020

Wizzing Through Tax Prep with H&R Block's Tax Pro Go

 Let's be honest, it's not always convenient to carve out time for taxes. This rings true for Shane and I especially! If one is at home, the other is on the road traveling, and taxes always seem to be a last minute push for the both of us. They are time consuming, tedious, and complicated, but my roots with H&R block run deep! I have used their tax services yearly since my very first job as a Target employee working the meat department - true story! So when I heard about their Tax Pro Go option, I was all over it. 

Tax Pro Go is a virtual tax service that matches you with an H&R Block tax professional who will do your taxes for you, without you ever having to step foot in a tax office (and with all of us practicing social distancing right now, this is ideal). Tax Pro Go allows you to easily upload your tax documents from your  mobile phone or laptop via H&R Block’s secure portal. From there, a tax professional trained to handle your unique filing situation does the rest, and you can be on your way! In the past, I have sat at a physical office while the tax pro keys in the details and goes over documents which can take some time, and even include more than one trip. This year, a few weeks ago, I used Tax Pro Go and uploaded all my documents from our local coffee shop over breakfast and coffee, and then went about my daily routine without any interruption while my tax pro handled the rest. From there, my return was completed within 5 days. 

Cost is based on the complexity of your filing situation, but can range anywhere from $49-$249 for business owners like myself (which is half as much as I've paid in previous years so this program is also cost effective). In addition to cost, something I was curious about was where my tax professional would be located as I wanted the peace of mind that the person working on my taxes was knowledgeable about laws and regulations in my home state, as well as my field of business. I was pleased to learn that Tax Pro Go actually pairs you up with a tax professional that best suits your needs based on the answers to a few questions they ask at the beginning of the process. 

Lucky for you, if you're interested in using this service to file your 2019 tax return I have a discount code for you! Enter code "30705" at checkout for $20 off!

*Thank you to H&R Block for sponsoring today's post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spring Shoes and Accessories from Sole Society

The first official day of spring has arrived, we have moved, boxes are being unpacked, and I'm excited for the weather to be warm so I can wear my new spring shoes and accessories. Life has been rather crazy lately with selling our old house, moving into our new house, and living in a sea of boxes  for the last week - but, I'm super excited to get everything situated so we can enjoy this outdoor space! 

We were unpacking boxes in my closet when I realized I haven't shared a few new items I'm excited about from Sole Society with you guys! It felt like I hadn't gotten ready in days, so I decided to throw on some clothes and do what I do best - play around with new outfits, shoes, and accessories. If you've been around for awhile, you know Sole Society is one of my favorite retailers. I use their weekenders every time I travel, I've been wearing (and raving) about their shoes for years, and all around can vouch for the quality of their products. Not to mention, the price point is perfect. 

Clearly I have a thing for espadrilles in all forms, ha! I love how practical and comfortable the flats are, and the pattern is neutral enough to go with just about everything while still drawing the eye down because of it's fun pattern! They run TTS and come in a few color options (also really want the cream and black ones). As for the wedges, I am in love. I wanted a pair of neutral espadrille wedges last year and just couldn't find the right ones, but these are everything! I'm obsessed with how comfortable they are to walk in, they don't slide off your feet, and because of the wedge nature you can wear them for hours without your dogs barkin'! They're super easy to dress up or down as well. I styled them here with jeans and a tee, but they also look super cute with a midi dress, shorts and a flowy top etc. Lots of options! 

The weekender is also a Sole Society find, and honestly probably the best bang for your buck in terms of quality. Every weekender I own is from Sole Society and has lasted me years with continuous wear and tear. Most of you know my luggage set is white and tan, so when I saw they came out with a white and tan weekender that matched perfectly, I jumped all over it - it will get put to good use! Not to mention, it was actually really handy to have during the move. I stored the valuables I didn't want to leave with the movers inside of it, and transferred those over in my own car. 

Alright, I'm off to continue unpacking these boxes - wish me luck! xo.


*Thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Little Cabin In The Woods

A couple of months ago, I took a group of my closest friends up to the mountains to celebrate my 29th birthday in a little cabin in the woods. This was the second year in a row we stayed in a property owned by The Southern Host, and per usual - it didn't disappoint. We were blown away by their first mountain home property, so when they opened up their latest mountain project on airbnb I knew right away that we'd want to check it out. 


The cabin is located just outside of Asheville in Black Mountain, NC. It's a small little town with a couple of breweries, a few local restaurants, and about a 20 minute drive from downtown Asheville. The cabin sits on the side of the mountain with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We sat on the porch every morning drinking coffee and just taking in natures beauty. The cabin is fairly secluded, so mornings are quiet, peaceful, and full of birds chirping and the sound of deer walking through the leaves - my happy place!


I've followed Alyssa and her husband on Instagram for some time now, and if I've learned anything about them - it's that they need their own HGTV show. They renovated this cabin from top to bottom so everything was brand new and sparkly clean! I am in love with all the little touches they added to this home. From the blankets on the front porch, to the old record player and swinging chair in the living room, they truly thought of everything! The cabin feels super cozy, yet new - which we loved.


The cabin has 3 bedrooms and a pull out couch downstairs, with 2 bathrooms upstairs and a half bath in the common area downstairs. The beds were super comfortable, the rooms were tastefully decorated and we all felt like we had plenty of space! 


I can't wait to come back! We loved this cabin so much it actually inspired us to start a property search of our own in the area. If you're looking for a great host, and an awesome little cabin to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life - check out their airbnb page here and let them know The Cheeky Been sent ya! 


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Favorite Purchases of 2019

Beats By Dre // I switched over to these after using the airpods for about a year and truly love the sound quality and functionality of these much better than the airpods. My airpods died on a regular basis, took a long time to charge, and charged unevenly so one was constantly dead while the other was charged. The Beats charge super fast, last me about a month of daily use before needing another charge, and I find the over ear style much more comfortable. I don't have any issues with them falling out while running either!

Adidas SWIFT Runners // These weren't my first pair of SWIFT's. I actually own them in several other colors, but I bought two new pairs from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year due to the price being so low. They are my most worn tennis shoe and a 2019 best seller amongst my readers.

Gucci Marmont Crossbody // This was a treat to myself earlier in the year. I had saved up my Nordstrom notes to essentially make this bag half off and it's my most worn and used designer bag in my closet. Because it's black, it functions as a year round bag and goes with everything - plus, it's a wallet inside so you don't need to worry about room for a card case or wallet!

Styled Collection Bangles // I have several David Yurmans, and wanted to complete my arm stack with a few others I had my eye on but, the price range of those is not in my favor. I was introduced to the Styled Collection bangles in the spring, and decided to try those out as dupes for the Yurmans. I have worn them daily for 9 months now, and they look exactly like the real deal! Great quality, no tarnishing at all, and the price point is fantastic. 

Soko Glam Skincare Serum // In November I tried out some new skincare products from Soko Glam (you can find the full post here), and fell in love with a new favorite! This serum is a best seller on their website and feels fantastic on. I layer it after a toner and under my moisturizer and it has enhanced the hydration and elasticity of my skin. It's also really nice to wear with no makeup for a dewy healthy glow. 

Leopard Onzie Leggings // I'm a legging fanatic! I have more pairs than I can count but this was my first go around with the Onzie brand. The price point is fantastic, the leggings hold up great during a workout, and wash really well without wearing out! The leopard print also gets tons of compliments and can be worn simply for athleisure, as well as functionality. 

Black Moonlight Short Pajamas // Who doesn't love a good pair of jammies!? I fell in love with these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and was sorry I didn't snag a second color. They're made from a jersey knit material, super soft and breathable and all around - just super comfy!

Framebridge Gallery Wall Frames // I upgraded the entryway to our house with a gallery wall from Framebridge and nothing makes me happier than walking in the door and looking at our wedding photos! The quality and service Framebridge provides is something to rave about, and the installation process was super simple. 

Media Console  // I purchased this console from Wayfair over the summer. I was looking for a reasonably priced piece that looked expensive, served as extra storage space, and still held up from a quality stand point. Audrey Hood of Audrey Hood interiors introduced me to this one and I couldn't be happier with it! It's beautiful to look at, the delivery was seamless, and the price point is great!

MAC Eye Shadow in Sable // My girls over at Look Love Beauty turned me onto this eye shadow color! I've been wearing it daily ever since I ordered it. If you have green or hazel eyes, you'll want to add this to your makeup bag! It enhances the color of your eyes and is neutral enough to go with every outfit.

Golli ACV Gummies // Not pictured, but has helped my digestive system tremendously this year! I can't stomach the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar but these gummies taste fantastic and do the trick!



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