Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Master Bedroom Reveal

2 years in the making, and it's finally done... for now!! Excited to share our master bedroom with you guys today. Home decor has been the number one request amongst my readers lately, and I'm hoping to deliver on that, one project at a time. I'm including the links to everything in our room at the bottom of this post! 

I wanted our bedroom to be a place of serenity; somewhere we wanted to retreat too. I find so often that people love to travel to luxurious hotels because it feels nicer than their own home, but you spend the most time in your home - so why not make it equally as luxurious!? While I love all things bright and vibrant in my clothing, I like my home to be neutral. Neutrals represent a calming effect for me, and the light and airy tones make me feel awake and energized. While I still don't think it's "perfect" (because let's be honest, decorating is expensive), I'm getting there! I'd love to rip up the carpet and lay hardwoods in here in the future, and I'd also like to switch out the shag rug for something with a little pattern. With that said, here is where we are at with it right now! 


- Bed // Crate & Barrel
- Bench // Wayfair
-Dresser // Pottery Barn
- Mirror // Ikea
-Nightstands // Pottery Barn


- Shag rug // Crate & Barrel
- Curtains // Pottery Barn
- Bedding // Crate & Barrel 


-  Pictures frames above bed // Framebridge
- Picture frame on nightstand // Kendra Scott
- Gold & marble candle on nightstand // Anthropologie 
- White faux peonie flowers on nightstand // Crate & Barrel
- Peace sign on nightstand // Theory Design Studio 
- Infinity Roses // Grand Fleur
- Large potted Orchid on dresser // Crate & Barrel

Art work 

- Abstract painting // Shain Gallery 


- Table lamps // West Elm
- 10-light Chandelier // Wayfair

Paint Color

-Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter



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