Saturday, August 11, 2018

The 7 Best Items To Buy on Amazon

Do you ever wonder what other people buy on Amazon? I do. In a recent poll on Instagram, I asked all of my followers what they most commonly buy on Amazon. The answers ranged from dog food, coffee, self care products, books, and tech gadgets. I'm constantly adding new finds to my "what to buy on Amazon" list and after years of searching for the most coveted items, I've come up with a master list of seven items I'm most loyal too. Here is a list that won't disappoint:

1. Le Blanc Portfolio Linen Wash

Coming in at my number one Amazon purchase, believe me when I say this stuff is life changing. I use it specifically for sheets and towels, but they make a regular detergent in the same scent if you wanted to use it more universally. We've never had a guest come to visit without asking us what was used on the sheets and towels to make them smell so good. It's a little bit of a splurge, but it lasts forever since you aren't using it daily. Highly recommend!

2. Le Blanc Portfolio Dryer Sachet 

If you're anything like my husband, or maybe you have a husband like my husband, you need these. He is the king of throwing in a load of laundry before bed, and forgetting about it until.. well until who knows when! These aren't made for that reason, but they sure do help. Or, if you're like me and actually do laundry correctly, these will make your laundry smell likes roses! They last for forever, and don't seem to lose their scent which is an added bonus. We just leave ours in the dryer at all times. Thank me later! Try just a single sachet here.

3. Neocell Laboratories Biotin Burst

Looking for a supplement that will actually make your hair and nails grow? Try these. I have been taking these daily for years and they work wonders! Plus they taste delicious, so I usually wait until I have a sweet tooth craving to take my dose for the day! Killing two birds with one stone. 

4. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

Get your sweat on! This is a product my trainer, Body By Ro, recommended to me years ago. I've gone through several of them now, and my husband has a couple of his own. A Sweet Sweat is designed to increase your core temperature during exercise enhancing thermogenic activity and sweat. I've had a lot of questions from followers on wether or not it actually works, and I wouldn't recommend it if it didn't! It basically helps remove any water weight you are carrying while helping to enhance the visibility of your muscles from exercise. 

5. Sweet Sweat Arm Trimmer

Same technology as above, but for your arms! If you follow me on Instagram, you see these on my arms in a lot of my fitness videos. I've found great success with them!

6. GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbreads

Initially heard about these on some of the health and wellness podcasts I listen too! They come highly reccommended by nutritionists as a great source of fiber and an easy substitute for bread. I use these to make locks and "bagel" but replace the bagel with GG's crackers. Because they are so high in fiber, they help you feel fuller much longer! I typically eat three crackers at a time. 

7. Premium Velvet Hangers

Number 7 was a toss up between ground flax seed, and these hangers. The hangers take the cake though! I recently had my closet redone by California Closets and decided all my hangers should be uniform. I ordered two boxes of these to start with, and have found myself ordering additional boxes as time goes on. They're good quality, inexpensive, and add a polished look to my closet. 



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