Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cozy in Cableknit

Wow, it's so crazy to believe Christmas has come and gone already! While I wish I could say my Christmas was everything I wanted it to be, it wasn't. I got sick with the flu late in the evening on Christmas Eve, and continued throughout the day and night on Christmas Day. Today, however, I feel much better and am hoping the worst of this is behind me (the wedding is 5 days away, say a prayer for me). Shane's family is at our house visiting, and I have yet to see them as I quarantined myelf the our bedroom yesterday. They very kindly waited to open gifts, even though I wanted them to proceed with the festivities, so I guess I get a Christmas do-over this morning! 

This is what I had planned on wearing, so instead, I'll be wearing it today! It's comfortable, festive, and inexpensive - three things that are always a win in my book. I sized down to an extra small as it looked a little too oversized for my liking online, and it fits perfectly. It also looks great with over the knee boots for use outside of the holidays (Georgia fans, this ones for you!). 

Well friends, it's officially wedding week! There's still lots left to do, and we leave for Charleston tomorrow. I'm currently mowing down a bagle (first thing I've eating since Christmas Eve dinner), and praying I regain enough strength to hit the ground running today with last minute errands, packing, and appointments. 



  1. My wife and I are both from the South (GA and SC), and we wanted a true southern wedding. We couldn't have picked a better place! The food and service at Los Angeles wedding venues are superb. This is the closest as I've found since moving.

  2. I love this red sweater on you! So beautiful!

  3. Nice decorations. Everything looks perfect and ready for celebrations.
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  4. Your outfit looks great! Very cozy as for me, I have the same sweater in another color and this is really worth it. I bought it in my USA trip a year ago



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