Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cozy in Cableknit

Wow, it's so crazy to believe Christmas has come and gone already! While I wish I could say my Christmas was everything I wanted it to be, it wasn't. I got sick with the flu late in the evening on Christmas Eve, and continued throughout the day and night on Christmas Day. Today, however, I feel much better and am hoping the worst of this is behind me (the wedding is 5 days away, say a prayer for me). Shane's family is at our house visiting, and I have yet to see them as I quarantined myelf the our bedroom yesterday. They very kindly waited to open gifts, even though I wanted them to proceed with the festivities, so I guess I get a Christmas do-over this morning! 

This is what I had planned on wearing, so instead, I'll be wearing it today! It's comfortable, festive, and inexpensive - three things that are always a win in my book. I sized down to an extra small as it looked a little too oversized for my liking online, and it fits perfectly. It also looks great with over the knee boots for use outside of the holidays (Georgia fans, this ones for you!). 

Well friends, it's officially wedding week! There's still lots left to do, and we leave for Charleston tomorrow. I'm currently mowing down a bagle (first thing I've eating since Christmas Eve dinner), and praying I regain enough strength to hit the ground running today with last minute errands, packing, and appointments. 


Sunday, December 24, 2017

My Christmas Tablescape

Merry Christmas Eve! It's so hard to believe it's here. We are doing things a little differently this year in leui of the wedding being exactly ONE WEEK from today! Holy cow! Traditionally, Shane flies to his family in New York and I fly to mine in Seattle. On Christmas day, Shane typically flies into Washington in time for dinner with my family and we spend a few extra days there until we both fly home together. This year, we are headed to my sisters in Clemson where my mom and dad are for Christmas Eve, and will be waking up early to head home to Charlotte on Christmas day as Shane's family arrives the morning of. So, this means for the first time ever - we are hosting Christmas dinner! I won't lie when I say I feel slightly overwhelmed by the thought of this, despite the fact that I love to host, only because I have 50 million things to do for the wedding before we leave and with the holiday, I'm working around odd store hours and crazy crowds to get all of this done. 

Nonetheless, my table is set and I couldn't wait to share it with you! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and think it's timeless for reuse in years to come. Most of our home is monochromatic with neutrals - so I wanted a warm tone color scheme that fit within that category (ie. glass, chromes, and metallics). I know I'm a little late writing this, but what's great about that is that most of these items are now on killer sale! So, if you wanted to recreate the look for next year - you can save big time by buying it now (the best time to buy holiday decorations is always directly after the holidays). If you're interested in seeing the rest of our Christmas decor, see this post. 

While I styled my outfit for Christmas Eve, it's also a perfect combination for New Years Eve and not too late to order! Both items run true to size and I'm wearing a small in both. 

I hope all of you have a chance to enjoy some quality time with family this holiday. Thank you for all of your love and support over 2017 - you are like a second family to me. 


Friday, December 15, 2017

Lantern Sleeve Sweater Dress

Happy Friday!! How about this color palette though!? Insert heart eyes emoji. I saw this dress at Vestique last week and knew it was coming home with me before I even tried it on! It comes in two colors, fits true to size (I am wearing a small), and is so comfortable! Plus it's too easy to just throw on a dress and a pair of boots and go. The cream color is almost sold out after only a week, but grey is still mostly in stock - so don't wait too long to snag one. Plus it's free shipping day, so all the more reason! Am I right!? If you're in love with the sleeves like I am, check this post for additional sweater options that model that style sleeve. 

Shane and I are headed to the office Christmas party this evening. We normally have these on a Saturday, so I'm feeling a little stressed out about getting ready in a hurry after work, but it's always a good time! I hope you all are off to do something fun this weekend. Cheers!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hunter Green Moto Jacket

You guys!! I've missed you! These last few weeks of wedding planning seem like they are never ending. Everyday has been "go, go, go" from the time I wake up, until the time I go to bed. It feels insane! I'm hoping to have my never ending to-do list completed at some point this week so I can get back to normal life - aka writing blog posts and doing all the fun things. 

Today I'm talking about this suede moto jacket. I've been eyeing this piece for over a year! It came out last year, and I felt sorry I didn't scoop it up before it sold out then. So when I saw it come back around in this years fall collection, I decided to pull the trigger. It's 100% an investment piece, but an investment piece that will last me a lifetime. Jackets and coats are one of the only things I don't get rid of regularly. I keep each piece season after season, and they tend to stay in style as well. Therefore, making it okay to splurge a little. Depending on how long you've been following me, you may already know that green is my favorite color to wear. Especially a Hunter green, so it's no surprise I was drawn to this version of the jacket as it comes in several other color options. My bag is also a new addition to the closet, and I couldn't be happier with it! It's great quality, and the size is perfect for a small wallet, phone, makeup, and keys. 

Can y'all believe Christmas is a week and a half away!? I have barely started thinking about what to get people! It still doesn't feel like Christmas to me. As I mentioned with my birthday in this post, because my main until focus is the wedding - it's hard to shift my attention to the holidays. Christmas is actually my favorite holiday of the year, but Shane and I decided to hold the gifts this go around so that we didn't have to stress about what to get each other when more important decisions need to be made. Besides that, all we need to be happy is each other. Cliche, I know - but it's true! 


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Designer Gifts Under $200

Raise your hand if you love a good bargain! I know I do. Today I've teamed up with the Charlotte Premium Outlets (Charlotte's newest upscale outlet center) to bring you affordable gift ideas with designer labels! I'm so excited to talk about this because I feel like the general reputation with designer brands is that it's not affordable for the average shopper. Personally, I shop at the outlets for specific pieces that traditionally come with a higher price tag (IE. coats, gloves, winter boots etc). Outlet shopping can be overwhelming, so I recommend coming up with a game plan of what you are specifically looking for prior to making your trip. In addition to planning which items you are seeking, I also recommend game planning where you want to look for these products. Some of my favorite retailers within the outlets include Saks Off Fifth, Kate Spade, Steve Madden, and Michael Kors - which you will see items from below! So let's get started! 

#1 Kate Spade Beanie //  Can we talk about how cute this is?! It's the perfect gift for the girly girl who loves all things pink in your tribe! This would be a great gift for someone who lives in a cold weather climate, or just loves to accessorize with pretty pieces. 

#2 Kate Spade Card Holder // I actually got this for my sister last year and monogrammed it! If you have someone you want to purchase for (IE. a team member at work, your husbands little sisters etc.) but don't want to splurge, this is an affordable gift option that's useful! 

#3 David Lerner Leggings // Coated leggings and jeans are a hot commodity this season! They are one of the most sold products amongst bloggers this year, and almost everybody is happy with them! Traditionally David Lerner is pretty expensive, but these are marked down 52% making them under $60! I enjoy wearing them under my puffer jacket, or with an oversized sweater to dinner!

#4 Kate Spade Glitter IPhone Case // This is such a fun gift! I myself have a glitter iPhone case and get questions and compliments about it all the time! Nearly everyone has an iPhone these days, so using this as a gift option is nearly a safe bet. It's also one of those items that most people don't care to purchase for themselves when they need a new one, but are pleased with when received as a gift! Coming in at under $30, you can't go wrong with this one!

#5 Michael Michael Kors Faux Fur Jacket // I own this jacket in charcoal, and it's one of the most useful things I've purchased for myself! I was on the hunt for a puffer jacket to wear in NYC and couldn't find one at an affordable price until I made a trip to the outlets. Thankfully, it's still in stock this year! I've worn it countless times and love the quality. See this blog post for how I styled it!

#6 Surrell Leather & Rabbit Fur Gloves // Last year, we took a trip to NYC the weekend before Christmas and I totally underestimated the New York temps! We hopped in Saks Off Fifth to warm up, and I spotted these leather gloves on sale! Living in the Carolina's, you don't really need gloves like this but for a few days out of the year, so I thought "what the heck, they're too soft not to buy and they'll keep my hands warm while I'm here!" - best. decision. ever! These are a fabulous gift option for your Mother In Law, Wife, Girlfriend, or Mom, Grandmother etc. They seem like they'd be a giant splurge, but at under $100 - its a win win. 

#7 Sorel Winter Boots // Another under $100 steal! I have these in black and they've come in handy so many times! I prefer them over my rain boots as the inside of these is nicely lined and insulated so your foot stays warm. This would be a great gift for someone who lives in an area where it snows or rains frequently, or for the girl who loves to take those winter trips! 

#8 Ugg Ear Muffs // First of all, who doesn't love anything made by Ugg?! More importantly, who hates cold ears!? Everyone. This is such a fun gift that people can use for a lifetime! It's classic, timeless, and all around a solid gift option at an affordable price point. 


Thank you to the Charlotte Premium Outlets for sponsoring this post!

Monday, December 4, 2017

How To Look Stylish In The Office

When I was younger I used to dream about the days of having a corporate America job with a laid back atmosphere where I could truly express my style via work wear fashion - aka skinny jeans, cute pumps, and a velvet blazer (insert heart eyes emoji). Well. I grew up, got that job, and unfortunately for me, our dress code didn't allow for my long standing love of jeans or casual Fridays. So I had to rewrite the plan, and somewhere along the line I kind of lost my zest for work clothes. Grabbing clothes out of my closet that were both stylish and acceptable for a days worth of meetings just wasn't happening. I can only handle so many pencil skirts and blouses before my creative side has a serious fit. I also really hated (and still do) how expensive work clothes are! Who wants to spend an arm and a leg on something you don't really love!? I guess that's my biggest problem. If I have to buy clothes for something, I want to feel in confident in them! After all, I wear my corporate attire five days a week and only truly get to express my personal sense of style two days a week. 

So with that being said, I started my quest for office outfits I could swear by - and I finally found them! Ann Taylor has hands down, THE best options in my opinion. They offer the perfect balance of fashion forward and "work appropriate" at a decent price point. My entire outfit above was recently marked down by 50%, making each piece under $50. They run sales like these often as well! So if you're a smart shopper, save items you are interested in to your wish list - and check back frequently (right before the weekend is best) to see if any of them are eligible for a discount. 

During Cyber Monday this year, I purchased these leggings and this top in every color offered. It's important to me to feel comfortable and confident in my clothes at work and this outfit is just that. Combined with the fabric, the detailing these leggings offer down the front of the pant, takes these from casual to business appropriate. Generally speaking, leggings are not appropriate for the office. So I was super excited to find a pair that were! They're so comfortable that when I get home from work, I'm not running up the stairs the second I walk in the door to change out of them, which is a major win in my book. I paired them with a feminine blouse which you can find here, and as the temperatures drop it's the perfect piece to add a trench or shawl collar coat too! 



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