Friday, February 17, 2017

What To Wear To Shows At New York Fashion Week

What do I wear to New York Fashion Week? This was the million dollar question ladies and gents. Actually, I lost some sleep over it (haha). I really wanted to branch out and go with something edgy, yet femine. Charlotte, North Carolina doesn't have too many opportunities to rock a killer one piece with a plunging neckline, so what better opportunity then at NYFW?! I'm also 5'8", so most jumpsuits don't fit me right through the torso, they're usually too short. This was one of the most slimming and flattering pieces I've ever put on. YES, I know it's expensive - but for an event like this, it's worth it. The quality of the material is excellent, and it just fit like a glove. The plunging neckline gave me the "edge" I was looking for, while the lace sleeves added the perfect amount of "femme." To polish off the look, I added my favorite strappy heel. If you don't own a pair of these, they come in a million colors, and you must buy a pair. 

Okay, now... insert weather scenario. The day before I arrived, the weather gods decided they were going to dump an entire foot of snow all over New York City and provide me with 23 degrees of sheer warmth...How sweet of them!? Wasn't really planning for the "chill" factor, so my jacket was actually a last minute "thank god I have this in my suitcase" addition. It ended up working out beautifully. I've reworked that jacket into so many different outfits, and it proved it's worth all over again last weekend. Lucky for you, it's now on super sale for $24 (I paid $100). 

I picked up my earrings from the Baublebar showroom on my first day in the city. Again, way edgier than I typically go for here - but I'm totally hooked. They easily dress up any outfit! 



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