Wednesday, January 18, 2017

4 Must Have Lip Colors For Spring

 Sugar Lip Polish: It is essential to use a lip scrub like this before you apply lip color! This helps slough off dead skin while moisturizing at the same time to give you long lasting color.

Sugar lip balm in Honey: This is perfect for conditioning your lips while still adding color. I wear this to work all the time! 

Aside from my hair, I think my lip color is one of the most frequently asked questions! Like my jewelry, I keep my lip colors pretty modest. I tend to lean towards the nudes and light pinks, versus the purples and deep reds. Overall, I just think nudes and soft pinks look better with my skintone, and they're practical for daily wear (aka my corporate job). With that being said, because nudes are so subtle, I think a liner is necessary. I recently went to the mall with a girlfriend of mine to pick up a few new lip colors, and she was surprised I used a liner. I had her try on "Blankety" without a liner, and then try it on again with the "Spice" lip pencil, and she was shocked at the difference. Needless to say, she left the store with both. I think when people hear "liner", they think of grandma Betty and the hard line around her lips. But in all reality, if used properly, a liner should help your lips look fuller! They're also great to shade with! When applying my liner, I put it on before my lipstick and start from the corners of my lips and move inward. I then go over the liner with my desired lipstick color, and blend until smooth and full. I also like to add a little gloss over top of my color for a perfect polished look!  

My 4 Must-Have Lip Combos:



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