Friday, December 23, 2016

How He Asked: Our Engagement Story

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How We Met:
Shane and I have an intereting story as to how we met. I was getting ready to graduate from Clemson, and was going through the interview process with my current company, when Shane actually interviewed me. It was one of those cheesy moments, where you felt a connection with someone you've only known for 2 minutes. "Love at first sight" if you will. I ended up getting the job, and decided to put my feelings aside and focus solely on my career. Afterall, that's why I was there! Not long after I started, a co-worker of mine brought to my attention that Shane and I actually lived in the same neighborhood (this was not planned)! She needed help with watching his 3 lb Teacup Maltese (the girliest dog of all time) while he was out of town, and solicited me for the job. This is basically where our story begins. In exchange for my dog sitting services, Shane offered to take me to dinner as a "thank you." At the time, I was making zero money with my new role and jumped at any opportunity for dinner out. After this initial dinner, the offers for additional dinners and sweet little nothing texts started rolling in! He even offered to run the rail trail with me at 5 AM before work (this was a dead giveaway, because he isnt a morning person)! I kept telling myself this was a very bad idea, as I actually really liked my job! But, you can't help who you love, so for the next year and a half we kept our relationship a secret. No social media, no double dates with your bff's, no confiding in your best friends about relationship topics, etc. Only our families knew (although our friends were suspicious)! In May of 2015, Shane was invited to a co-workers wedding and decided he was done attending weddings solo. This meant everyone at that wedding was going to know we were dating, if we showed up together! We were prepared for the consequences at work, but ready to move on to the next phase. To my surprise, my then boss, walked up to us and said "is this finally the coming out?!", "I've been waiting for this day for forever!". Uhm, what!? Due to our roles, we were the exception to the rule, and both still work for the same company! 

How He Asked:
We love to travel! Thankfully we are blessed with tons of air miles and hotel points that allow us to see the world together! I had never been to New York City at Christmas, and was begging Shane to take me! He is from upstate New York, and travels there for work regularly. I suggested meeting him there after work on a Friday before the holidays, but we only had one weekend available in December to make that happen! In true Shane fashion, he ended up booking the hotel and flights without me knowing and told me to "pack my bags, we're going to NYC babe!" on FaceTime one night! Eeeek, I felt like a kid in a candy store! What should I wear, where should we eat, what should we go see first!? My mind was all over the place, and I couldn't wait to get there. Fast forward to that weekend. We arrived in New York City after work on Friday, went to the JW Marriott Essex House to check-in and change clothes, and then had dinner reservations at Nobu. While we were getting ready, Shane mentioned he forgot toothpaste and that he was going to walk to the front desk to get some. Little did I know, the hotel manager actually had my ring (insert covering eyes monkey emoji), and he was going downstairs to meet her for it! Saturday we woke up to NYC's first snow of the season! Central Park had a blanket of white over it, and everything just looked magical. We went and had breakfast, perused around 5th Ave, had coffee at Ralphs and then Shane suggested a carriage ride around Central Park. After the ride was over, Shane asked our guide if he could take us to Glasgow Bridge. To his surprise, the guide actually said NO! What??! Shane knew we had to get there, because he had hired a photographer who was waiting for us. He typed the bridge into his maps app, and it was a 29 minute walk away! Our fingers and toes were numb, the snow was getting slushy, and I was 100% questioning if we really needed to go to it! Shane made up a quick story about how his mother had a picture at that very bridge as a child, and really wanted him to take one infront of it too! It was the only picture she asked for all weekend. So obviously, I was going to walk there. As we approached the bridge, this woman came out of nowehere and asked us if we would like our picture taken infront of it! I'm obviously all about a photo op, so I was thrilled (that's what's happening in the first picture of this post). After she handed me my camera back, I looked at Shane and asked him if he wanted me to get a picture of just him in front of it for his mom. He said "yes, but I need to ask you something"! In my mind, I was like "ok, what?" - not having a single clue what was coming! In this moment, Shane had a small speech about our relationship, this year, etc. and then proceeded to get down on one knee in the snow, to ask me to marry him!! Ahhhhh, I was crying, laughing, shaking, you name it! Did this really just happen!? To me?! Nothing but pure bliss and happy tears followed. The happiest day of my life had just happened, in Central Park, in the snow, right before Christmas. I couldn't have even dreamed of a better fairy tale engagement, I'm still tearing up and grinning from ear to ear as I write this!! It was perfect. 

That's our fairytale! With that being said, I would love to hear any reccommendations you have or things you wish you would've known in terms of the wedding planning process! I'm going to need all the advice I can get, so comment away!! 



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