Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 New Years Resolutions

Show Me Your Mumu Gomez Dress // BB Dakota Jacket (tan color here) // Sole Society Heels (dupe for Valentino, also comes in black) // Vera Bradley Clutch (on sale!) // similar Nadri Earrings // Similar Bracelet

2016, what a year it has been! As with many years, we had our fair share of ups and down! We shared tons of laughs with family and friends, tears over the good and the bad, we bought our first home, we traveled more than we stayed home, and we got engaged! While I am saying good riddance to this year, and welcoming 2017 with open arms, I can't help but be thankful for the many blessings we experienced. At the end of the day, everyone in my little family is happy, healthy, and full of love - and that's all that matters. 

With that being said, if this year has taught me anything - it's that patience is a virtue. I'm a planner and I'm a perfectionist. When things don't go as planned, I silently (or sometimes not so silently - sorry babe) freak out. Just about nothing went as planned this year and my emotions were tested more than I'd like to admit. God had his own plan, and mine didn't matter. He doesn't live by time tables, and his plan will always perservere. 

I spent a large portion of this year focusing on what wasn't perfect, and what didn't go as planned. Why wasn't I in control anymore? Why did I have to face so much adveristy while everyone else seemed to be having the best year of their lives? But you can't live that way. It didn't take me long to figure out that the world keeps on spinning, and how I reacted to the adversity I was faced with, was going to determine my destiny - wether I liked it, or not. 

So this year, I'm letting whatever God has in store for me, fuel my fire. I will work harder, I will become stronger, and I will never give up. If I don't accomplish all my goals, it's okay because there's probably a plan far greater than my own in the works.  So here's to 2017, and all it's beautiful imperfections! 

2017 New Years Resolutions
1. Be less of a perfectionist and be okay with His plan
2. Create a budget and stick to it
3. LLC The Cheeky Been
4.  Workout 6 days a week, with at least 40 minutes of cardio per day
5. Print more pictures 
6. Eat less sugar (I have the biggest sweet tooth!)

What are your resolutions? 



Friday, December 23, 2016

How He Asked: Our Engagement Story

Michael Kors Puffer Jacket (also here) // Gloves // Leggings // Booties // Beanie

How We Met:
Shane and I have an intereting story as to how we met. I was getting ready to graduate from Clemson, and was going through the interview process with my current company, when Shane actually interviewed me. It was one of those cheesy moments, where you felt a connection with someone you've only known for 2 minutes. "Love at first sight" if you will. I ended up getting the job, and decided to put my feelings aside and focus solely on my career. Afterall, that's why I was there! Not long after I started, a co-worker of mine brought to my attention that Shane and I actually lived in the same neighborhood (this was not planned)! She needed help with watching his 3 lb Teacup Maltese (the girliest dog of all time) while he was out of town, and solicited me for the job. This is basically where our story begins. In exchange for my dog sitting services, Shane offered to take me to dinner as a "thank you." At the time, I was making zero money with my new role and jumped at any opportunity for dinner out. After this initial dinner, the offers for additional dinners and sweet little nothing texts started rolling in! He even offered to run the rail trail with me at 5 AM before work (this was a dead giveaway, because he isnt a morning person)! I kept telling myself this was a very bad idea, as I actually really liked my job! But, you can't help who you love, so for the next year and a half we kept our relationship a secret. No social media, no double dates with your bff's, no confiding in your best friends about relationship topics, etc. Only our families knew (although our friends were suspicious)! In May of 2015, Shane was invited to a co-workers wedding and decided he was done attending weddings solo. This meant everyone at that wedding was going to know we were dating, if we showed up together! We were prepared for the consequences at work, but ready to move on to the next phase. To my surprise, my then boss, walked up to us and said "is this finally the coming out?!", "I've been waiting for this day for forever!". Uhm, what!? Due to our roles, we were the exception to the rule, and both still work for the same company! 

How He Asked:
We love to travel! Thankfully we are blessed with tons of air miles and hotel points that allow us to see the world together! I had never been to New York City at Christmas, and was begging Shane to take me! He is from upstate New York, and travels there for work regularly. I suggested meeting him there after work on a Friday before the holidays, but we only had one weekend available in December to make that happen! In true Shane fashion, he ended up booking the hotel and flights without me knowing and told me to "pack my bags, we're going to NYC babe!" on FaceTime one night! Eeeek, I felt like a kid in a candy store! What should I wear, where should we eat, what should we go see first!? My mind was all over the place, and I couldn't wait to get there. Fast forward to that weekend. We arrived in New York City after work on Friday, went to the JW Marriott Essex House to check-in and change clothes, and then had dinner reservations at Nobu. While we were getting ready, Shane mentioned he forgot toothpaste and that he was going to walk to the front desk to get some. Little did I know, the hotel manager actually had my ring (insert covering eyes monkey emoji), and he was going downstairs to meet her for it! Saturday we woke up to NYC's first snow of the season! Central Park had a blanket of white over it, and everything just looked magical. We went and had breakfast, perused around 5th Ave, had coffee at Ralphs and then Shane suggested a carriage ride around Central Park. After the ride was over, Shane asked our guide if he could take us to Glasgow Bridge. To his surprise, the guide actually said NO! What??! Shane knew we had to get there, because he had hired a photographer who was waiting for us. He typed the bridge into his maps app, and it was a 29 minute walk away! Our fingers and toes were numb, the snow was getting slushy, and I was 100% questioning if we really needed to go to it! Shane made up a quick story about how his mother had a picture at that very bridge as a child, and really wanted him to take one infront of it too! It was the only picture she asked for all weekend. So obviously, I was going to walk there. As we approached the bridge, this woman came out of nowehere and asked us if we would like our picture taken infront of it! I'm obviously all about a photo op, so I was thrilled (that's what's happening in the first picture of this post). After she handed me my camera back, I looked at Shane and asked him if he wanted me to get a picture of just him in front of it for his mom. He said "yes, but I need to ask you something"! In my mind, I was like "ok, what?" - not having a single clue what was coming! In this moment, Shane had a small speech about our relationship, this year, etc. and then proceeded to get down on one knee in the snow, to ask me to marry him!! Ahhhhh, I was crying, laughing, shaking, you name it! Did this really just happen!? To me?! Nothing but pure bliss and happy tears followed. The happiest day of my life had just happened, in Central Park, in the snow, right before Christmas. I couldn't have even dreamed of a better fairy tale engagement, I'm still tearing up and grinning from ear to ear as I write this!! It was perfect. 

That's our fairytale! With that being said, I would love to hear any reccommendations you have or things you wish you would've known in terms of the wedding planning process! I'm going to need all the advice I can get, so comment away!! 


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What To Wear To a Holiday Party

Mumu Jagger Jumpsuit (I have my eye on this too) // Steve Madden Strappy Sandals // Vince Camuto Handbag (old) but i'm loving this one

It's time to party! The holidays are a time to celebrate, meaning we usually attend a party or two. The first thing I look for in a holiday outfit, is sequins, sparkles or glitter! It's the only time of year you can show up in head to toe shimmer with no questions asked, so why not take advantage?! Which is why I'm loving everything about this jumper. I can't think of a more perfect piece to dance and enjoy the night in! It's really comfortable, yet flattering and festive. I paired it with a simple pair of strappy heels like these, and added a clutch like this for the overall look. Because it's a jumper, you also don't have to worry about finding a top or bottom to go with something either - simple and easy, that's my motto. Check out the rest of Show Me Your Mumu's holiday collections here.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Guide: For Him

I think men are some of the hardest people to shop for. If the man in your life is anything like mine, when asked what he would like for Christmas you get the same respose year after year, "I just want to spend time with you" (daw). That's sweet babe, but that's already guaranteed and I'm going to need a list, like yesterday! Am I right?! So to make your life a little easier, I've made a list of 9 items that any man (dad, brother, boyfriend, husband) will be happy with!

1. The Art of Shaving Initiation Kit // I can't think of a better gift than a TSA-friendly sized shaving kit! My boo travels for work constantly, and he goes clean shave daily - so this is not only a need for him, but convenient and provides optimal shaving results. Every guy needs a good shaving kit - you can thank me later when his cheeks feel like a babys butt!

2. Gucci by Gucci Cologne // Ladies, just go ahead and do yourselves a favor and get this for your man. It smells like heaven in a bottle! Year after year, this scent is still an all time favorite of mine for men.

3. The Belmont Cabin Bag (Florentine Leather) // A nice quality weekender is a great gift option for any man. There will always be a time where it will come into use, and this one is beautiful! This bag is made of Florentine leather and includes a detachable shoulder strap and luggage tag as well. It also includes the option for embossed initials - great personal touch!

4. Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones // These are a little pricier, but a great gift for anyone who really loves to listen to music or movies on a regular basis. Once you try these out, you'll realize the quality is worth the price! If you're looking for similar quality, but a lower price - try these.

5. Money Clip // This is simple, yet classy & functional at the same time! This is the ideal solution for the man with an oversized wallet (depending on what's in it, may not be a bad thing!). This has been a best seller for over 21 years.

6. Nike Roshe Two Flyknit Sneaker // I have the female version of these in black & white (see Instagram for picture) & get more compliments and questions on them from males than I do females! I can't tell you how many men have asked me if they make them in mens sizes! Your boo will love these.

7. Barbour Leather Gloves // Reliable warmth in handsome gloves, what more do you need? With the winter upon us, every guy needs a good pair of gloves!

8. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch // For the fitness fanatic in your life! A sleek sporty watch motivates you to hit your fitness goals by calculating and monitoring different metrics. My dad has this, and absolutely loves it. He uses it daily and can even download the path, distance, calories burned etc. from his walks onto his phone!

9. Moccasin Slippers // No one likes cold feet! This has made the list after Shane mentioned he really wanted a pair of slippers to keep his feet warm around the house. The pair he picked out are absolutely hideous, so I was on the hunt for a better looking yet affordable set!  

Those are my favorites, however there are a wide variety of options to choose from for men out there. A few other ideas include:
- A nice leather belt
- A new tie
- Loafers
- Tickets to a football game or sporting event he may love
- Concert tickets
- A new traditional watch
- A passport case 
- Nice sweatpants 
- His favorite sports teams memorabilia 

Hopefullt this was helpful! I'd love to hear what your ideas are or what you've purchased the man in your life in the past that has really been a hit! Happy shopping!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Best Stocking Stuffers

Finding stocking stuffers for the girl in your life can be tricky. You want that person to absolutely love what's in them, so I've curated 8 items that are sure to be hits! All of the products in todays post are products I use daily, or tested and approved prior to this post. I've always said the sign of a good gift, is when you want the item yourself! 

 Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($24) // This is a gentle exfoliant made of brown sugar crystals, shea butter, jojoba seed, and oils aiming to brush away dry skin! This is a lifesaver for me as it keeps my lips looking healthy and smooth despite the dry winter air. 

MAC Nutcracker Nude Lipstick Set ($26.25) // This set is a killer deal and perfect for any girl! These lipsticks are my absolute favorite. They're creamy, smooth and pigmented enough to where you don't have to reapply every hour. My favorite color in the set is one I've worn for years and a true favorite (creme cup), it also includes Whirl, Nouvelle Vogue, and Kinda Sexy. I highly reccommend this!

Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candle ($28) // Calling all candle lovers! This one is for you. I recently gifted this to one of my girlfriends for her birthday, and she loved it. The packaging alone is a reason for purchase! This scent is so refreshing, clean, and sparks hints of prosecco for a relaxing vibe. It's also pretty potent, so you will be able to smell it throughtout your whole house! It comes in different sizes as well, so the smaller size would be perfect for a stocking stuffer! 

Smashbox Light It Up Essential Brush Set ($55) // Every girl needs a good brush set! I use this set daily, and love how soft the bristles are on my skin. This set includes a foundation brush, fan brush, crease brush, lip brush, and shader brush.

Sugar Lip Treatment ($24) // A Hollywood favorite amongst celebs! This treatment moisturizes, protects with SPF, and sooths the lips while providing color! This is perfect for the harsh winter air as it doesn't dry your lips out like lipstick, or gloss but still provides a beautiful shade of color! Honey is my favorite shade, however there are 12 total color options.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss ($18) // The perfect pillowy pout! This lipgloss delivers vivid color and a shiny finish to complete your look and keep your lips hydrated for superior comfort. I use this over almost every lipstick I wear! It also has a minty tingle to it, that I love!

Dior Lip Maximizer ($33) // This formula volumizes, smoothes, plumps and moisturizes leaving lips with the ultimate pout. It comes in 2 colors, and is one of the industrys most popular over the counter maximizers. 

Nars Blush in Orgasm ($33) // Give your cheeks immediate healthy looking color that livens your complexion! I recently switched over to NARS's blush and I am so impressed! It's super easy to blend, and has the perfect natural glow to highlight the cheekbones. 


Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Sales & What I Purchased

Happy Cyber Monday! I'm not one for crowds, traffic, and lines so Cyber Monday is when I prefer to do my shopping. There are still tons of great deals going on, so I've done a complete round up of the best sales and what I actually purchased online over the weekend, and today. 

Nordstrom // Up to 50% off men's, women's and children's, extra 20% off selected items
Amazon // Up to 77% off on selection of items 
Ann Taylor // 50% off everything & free shipping with code CYBER50
Anthropologie // 20% off full-priced items with code STACKS
ASOS // 20% off everything with code GOGOGO
Banana Republic // 50% off everything, discount applied at checkout
Baublebar // 35% off 2+ items with code SAVE35, 25% off everything with code SAVE25
Bloomingdales // Take 25% off select regular and sale-price items
Express // 50% off everything & free shipping on all orders
Gigi New York // Buy more, save more - spend $125, save 20%; spend $250 save 25%; spend $350 save 30%
Ily Couture // 25% off your purchase with code GIFT25
J. Crew // 40% off purchase + free shipping with code MONDAY 
J. Crew Factory // 60% off everything, extra 40% off sale with code HAPPYSALE
Kate Spade // 30% off with code WIRED
Macy's // Extra 20% off + free shipping at $25 purchase, use code CYBER
Madewell // 25% off purchase with code CYBERMONDAY
Neiman Marcus // Gfit card with purchase use code GC4YOU
Old Navy // 50% off everything, discount applied at checkout
Shopbop // Buy more, save more with code GOBIG16 - 15% off orders of $200, 20% off orders of $500 and 25% off orders of $800+
Show Me Your Mumu // 50% off select items with code MUMUSALE50  
Sole Society // 30% off the entire site (excluding Ugg products)
T3 Micro // 25% off with code T3CYBER16
Tory Burch // 30% off everything with code THANKS
Ulta // $10 off $50 purchase with code CYBERMON16



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