Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Where To Stay in Vermont: Woodstock Inn & Resort

Oh Woodstock, how I love ya!! This was my favorite hotel on our New England tour last month and the second stop of our three road trip locations. While I loved all of the places we stayed at, The Woodstock Inn & Resort stood out to me the most due to its cozy bed & breakfast feel combined with the luxury and elegance of a resort. 

The Town of Woodstock, VT

Woodstock, Vermont is a tiny little place in the southern part of the state. This town embodies quintessential New England villages with it's historic buildings, covered bridges, Billings Farm & Museum, Main Street shops, Quechee Gorge and so much more. The Inn & Resort is centrally located in the heart of town, perfect for strolling it's charming streets and grabbing a bite to eat. 

The Inn

Imagine all the cozy vibes you can think of, and it would accurately describe The Woodstock Inn & Resort! The resort recently went through a series of enhancements including a new lobby and library,  complete with an open fire fireplace! It almost feels like you're walking into the living room of your own home, which I really appreciate while traveling as I crave the comforts of home while away. Check-in was a breeze, and the concierge was extremely helpful in recommending places to eat, things to do, and popular local attractions to see. In addition, the Inn & Resort is pet friendly! A set of rooms on the lower level is reserved for pet owners to provide easy access to the dog walking area. If you're like me, and enjoy fitness and recreational activities on vacation, then I would highly recommend checking out the Inn's athletic club! I ventured over there one morning for a little cardio and it is hands down the nicest athletic club I've ever seen in association with a hotel. It includes everything from full size tennis courts, to racquetball, indoor swimming pools, a full sized gym, and even fitness classes. I actually wish we had discovered this a little earlier as I would have loved to try out a fitness class during our stay! This review also would not be complete without mentioning the level of service The Inn & Resort provides. The staff was extremely friendly, very willing to help, and truly made us feel special. You can tell they take great pride in customer service! 

Dining At The Inn

Ya'll, the food was so good! I'm a big foodie, so this category is always a big deal to me because food makes or breaks a trip in my opinion. There are four restaurants to choose from on site, with the Red Rooster being a AAA Four Diamond Award winner. All of the restaurants on site place a big emphasis on local ingredients, and our waiter also took the time to explain where certain items we were eating came from, which I found to be a nice touch! We opted for the breakfast buffet in the mornings which had every breakfast item you could ever imagine available, including made to order omelettes. Take me back!! 

The Spa

This deserves it's own category for so many reasons! Holy cow, it was hands down one of the most beautiful spa's I've ever seen. Talk about natural light!! Do ya'll see those windows!? Its not small either, standing at 10,000 square feet it's one of New England's newest spa's and LEED - certified. I've also never encountered a more inviting hot tub! I opted for a 50-minute Swedish massage here, and it was nothing short of amazing. The treatment room was just as beautiful as the pictures above, the massage therapist was experienced and super pleasant, and my only regret was not getting a longer treatment. I would love to come back here and spend an entire day detoxing and relaxing together with the hubby - it's the perfect place for a "relax and unwind" getaway.  

Looking back at these photos makes me want to book another trip immediately! There's so much to do and see, that our two nights just wasn't long enough. If you have the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend taking advantage of Vermont's prettiest address and booking a stay here


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

28 Things I've Learned In 28 Years

Ahhh, tomorrow is my 28th birthday!! It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since this day last year, and I think it's safe to say 27 was my biggest year yet. I get teary eyed thinking about all that life offered me (and my husband) in the last year because together, we experienced more ups and downs than ever before. Tons of firsts, big life moves, and lots of lessons learned! Last year I wrote a post on 27 things you may not know about me, but this year I wanted to switch it up and talk about 28 things I've learned in 28 years, and a little about each lesson. So cue the confetti and let's get to it! 

1. Follow Your Dreams // This has probably been the biggest (and most emotional) lesson learned for me, and most of it has come from year 27. I always dreamed of owning my own business, working for myself, and living the American Dream - and year 27 made that a reality. It was hands down the best move I've ever made for myself. Mentally and emotionally, it needed to happen. I loved my corporate job for a long time, but it never "satisfied" my entrepreneur mindset. I always knew there was something more out there for me, but it wasn't until my blog came to fruition that I realized this is what I was made for. I know people thought I was crazy, hell - my own husband thought I was crazy. I was 27 years old, making six figures since 24 years old, my car was paid for, cell phone was paid for, gas was paid for, and I got to travel with the company to really fun places. So why would I ever want to leave and give all that up? I felt miserable. My passion wasn't making someone else wealthy, the money didn't make my dreams of a bigger picture go away, and it was eating up all of the time I would have had working on what I owned. I woke up every day knowing I could earn all that back, and then some if I just put in the same amount of time (if not more), into my own business. This was such an emotional struggle for me because my husband also works at that same company, and for a very long time did not agree with my thought process on this. I couldn't comfortably leave my job, without knowing he was okay with it. We are a team, and my decisions are also his decisions. So I fought through it until we could both be on the same page. Since that day, I have worked harder on this than any job I've ever had, but I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I feel free, it's rewarding, I wake up excited for the day every day, and just like my instincts told me - we are just fine, because when you love something you'll find a way to make it work and if you're not willing to take a risk, you'll have to settle for the ordinary. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

 2. Family Is Everything // This isn't a new lesson, but one I was reminded of more times than not. Earlier this year, Shane's dad had a major heart attack with 100% blockage in the right coronary artery. Thankfully he is okay, but both of us realized we don't spend enough time with family. I come from an extremely small family, while Shane comes from an extremely large family. Both of our families live on opposite sides of the country so we only get together a few times a year. As I get older, I long for more quality time with them and wish they were closer. 

3. Quality Time Together Is My Love Language // I think it took me a while to figure this one out but year 27 highlighted this for me. Both Shane and I have spent the entire year traveling more than we've ever traveled in the 5.5 years we've been together. The majority of our travels have not been together, so as they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'd take quality time together over anything these days!

 4. Stay In Your Own Lane // I think you can learn from watching others who have been successful, and the one thing they all have in common is that they stay in their own lane. Don't be afraid to be uniquely you, what you like might not be what others like - and that's okay. That's what makes you, you - and your brand, your brand. 

5. Learn When To Say No // I spent a lot of this year saying yes to everything. Yes to every event, yes to every trip, yes to every social gathering etc. and to be honest, I am exhausted. I spread myself too thin this year, and need to be more strategic in the future. 

6. Hire Help // I like to be in control of my brand, communications, and well - basically everything in life, ha! However, I couldn't do it all alone this year. I hired Kristina to help me part time with The Cheeky Been, and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only is she a good friend to me, I've been able to get so much more done with her on my team. 

 7. Hire Someone Who Doesn't Want To Learn From You // Piggybacking off of hiring help, Amee Song gave this piece of advice at the RewardStyle conference this year and I thought it made so much sense. If you're hiring someone who wants to learn from you, you will spend most of your time teaching them and most likely will lose the knowledge base at some point. Instead, hire someone who makes you a better person!

8. I'm Most Creative In The Mornings // I've never been a morning person, however, I've learned in this last year that I'm most creative and most productive first thing in the mornings. I've forced myself to be a morning person over the years, and it's proved to be worth it! 

9. You Can Only Count Your Best Friends On One Hand // This is a lesson from my dad, and not a new one. He's been saying this my whole life, but it could not be more true! I was worried when I left my corporate job that my friends from work would become more distant since I wouldn't be seeing them every day anymore - but in all reality, they have remained my best friends - and for that I am so grateful. I love them to death!

10. Blogging Is A Full Time Job // And by full time, I mean it's 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and it never stops. I work way more than a 40 hour work week, and it's extremely difficult to turn it off. I would love to teach myself to take time off and truly enjoy certain trips without worrying about content. Vacation was way more fun prior to blogging!

11. You Can't Put A Price Tag On Travel // I've spent my entire life traveling around the world! My dad is in the cruise line industry and for as long as I can remember we have been joining him on the ships. The Cheeky Been has also allowed me to see so many places in the US that I've never had an opportunity to visit, and I think travel opens up your eyes to different cultures/ways of life that no history or geography book or class can teach you. 

12. Take Care Of Your Skin // While this may seem like a weird "lesson" to have learned, I wish I would've put more emphasis on this sooner. As I am approaching my thirties, I am noticing way more fine lines, wrinkles and impurities in my skin than ever before - and have thus made my skin a priority. Spend the time and money on a good skin care regimen as early as possible! It will be worth it later.

13. Our Wedding Day Was The Best Day Of My Life // 27 brought marriage and while this lesson might be cliche, I wish I could relive our wedding day over and over again because it truly was the best day of my 28 years on this earth. 

14. Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket // I read an article recently that said Millennials on average have six streams of income. If/when something happens to your main stream of income, you have others to fall back on. I personally have four. 

15.  Worry About What You Can Control, Not What You Can't Control // As the years go on, I spend more and more time worrying about things that happen that are out of my control. Age bears responsibility, so when these instances affect my life I tend to stress over them. Shane is really good at reminding me that it's not worth stressing over, and to refocus my time on what I can actually control. 

16. I Get The Most Joy Out Of Giving // Birthdays and holidays have always been a favorite of mine. I get super excited about purchasing the perfect gift for the ones I love, and it warms my heart to make others happy. Sometimes I get so excited, I can hardly stand it! 

17. I Workout For Me // I'm thankful my mom instilled good habits in my sister and I from an early age. We have always been active, and focused on healthy eating habits but I've learned over time that I truly feel the best inside and out, when I workout regularly and eat clean. Working out for me is far more than physical appearance. It's a stress reliever, it allows me to clear my mind, it releases happy endorphins and it truly helps me feel good overall. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy!

18.  Invest In Yourself // Most of you know, I workout with a trainer in Charlotte. Yes, it's not cheap. Believe me, I cringe every time my monthly payment is due - ha! BUT, the benefits far outweigh the cost. You only get one body, so take care of it. We all focus so much time on material items, and have no problem swiping that card for a new bag, shoes, car etc. but we all tend to forget that we need to be around and alive to enjoy those items, so your most important investment should be your body. More on that here

19. Rid Yourself Of Negativity // Thankfully I don't have a lot of negativity in my life, but what negativity I did have looming around I got rid of a long time ago, and it was the most liberating feeling of all time. Life's too short to surround yourself with the negatives. 

20. Be Grateful // Be grateful for what you do have, not what you don't have. It's so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or buying on social media, that you forget to be grateful for the gift of life. I'm guilty of this and constantly need to remind myself that the life I live is a blessing in itself. 

21. Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right // This is one I've experienced a few times from afar, and in my own life (especially in marriage). It's easy to let your ego get in the way of relationships in the name of being right or proving a point. Sometimes I have to step back and remind myself that the relationship is more important to me, than being right. 

22. Success Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder // Everyone's version of being "successful" looks different. As long as you are happy, you are successful in my opinion.  

23. Slow Down // Being in your late twenties comes with the pressure of planning everything out, getting it all done before kids, figuring out your purpose on earth, making it to the top as fast as possible etc. This year has taught me that I need to slow down. Let life unfold on it's own, take time to weigh out opportunities, and just enjoy the ride before it passes me by no matter what happens. 

24. It's Okay To Make Mistakes // Even though I have a platform that provides advice or inspiration, I am still human and I still make mistakes. It's okay to not know everything, it's okay to embrace my limitations and learn from them, because that's life. We learn from it, and move on. Sometimes I think there is a stigma attached to bloggers that we should be perfect humans because we are putting content out on the Internet, but in all reality how relatable are we really if we don't make mistakes sometimes? I am learning to embrace those moments, instead of feeling ashamed of them. 

25. There Are Two Types Of Friends // Friends you do business with, and friends that stick with you throughout life. 

26. Small Habits Lead To Big Rewards // It takes 21 days to build a habit. If you repeat them daily, they become part of your routine and not so much a chore. In the long term, you reap big rewards from the small daily habits you created. For me, some of the small habits I have reaped big rewards from are lowering my sugar in take (especially in coffee), walking at least 10K steps per day (I wear a tracker), and incorporating at least 30 minutes of cardio/activity into my routine six days a week. In year 28, I need to add in "making the bed daily" - haha. 

27. You Are Who You Hangout With // Surround yourself with people who long for the same goals and aspirations as you. This is a lesson Ro talks to me about a lot - and he has been practicing and preaching it for years. I talked earlier about having a small circle, but all of those people in my circle embody the same positive energy, goals, dreams, and attitude as me. When you surround yourself with positive people, you will inherit their energy and traits to only propel your further. 

28. Coffee Is Life // Last but not least, keeping it light hearted because this girl cannot function without coffee! I must have a coffee first thing in the morning every day, and if I'm at home it will always be a Nespresso! Anyone who knows me, knows it isn't a pretty sight if I have to wake up without coffee!

Phew, that was a long list! If you've read them all, you go girl. We are headed to the mountains this weekend with a group of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday and I honestly cannot wait! It's been a while since our little group has done vacation together, and I actually think it's the first time we are all traveling together with our husbands and staying in the same house - should be interesting! 


Friday, November 2, 2018

Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel Boston Review

As most of you know, I just recently returned home from a 7 day road trip around three different states in New England! We started our trip in Boston at the Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel, so today I will be running you through an overview of the property, what I loved, what you should know, and all the amenities Nine Zero has to offer. 

The Lowdown

Centrally located in the heart of Boston, you're just steps away from some of the cities most popular attractions. This 190 room hotel was recently renovated to reflect New England's modern elegance by taking inspiration from the history surrounding it's location. The hotel and room decor mixes contemporary neutrals with modern renaissance to provide a luxurious boutique vibe that truly sets the tone for your stay. Skyline views, great food, cocktails and a staff ready to make all your Boston dreams come true are what we found during the duration of our stay at Kimpton Nine Zero. 

What I loved 

The location // I loved the entire experience, but the location of this hotel really played a big part in our stay. When you walk out of the front doors of Nine Zero, you're steps away from three of Bostons most iconic neighborhoods - Beacon Hill, Downtown Crossing, and the Financial District. You are also directly in front of the Freedom Trail, and Boston Common. 

The views // Our room had a skyline view of the city and Boston Common, with tons of natural light in the mornings. Since we traveled in the fall, it was beautiful looking out over all the colored trees in the park each day. 

Breakfast // Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (if you didn't already know), and Nine Zero includes a European style breakfast for two guests each morning of your stay! We also tried out room service which is what you see in the photos here, and the pancakes are worth every calorie! Take my advice and splurge on them while you're visiting.

What You Should Know

  • If you don't have a car and would prefer a quicker means of transportation than walking, the hotel offers PUBLIC bikes for all of their guests to use! 
  • There is a yoga mat in every room free of charge - get your zen going!
  • The hotel doesn't have a spa on site, but they do offer in-room spa services
  • It's dog friendly! Travel with your four legged fur baby.
  • You receive complimentary access to the Boston Sports Club: Downtown Crossing which includes classes. So if you're feeling guilty after the pancakes, you an easily grab a bike, take a class, and get in a sweat session free of charge!
  • If you're interested in history, the hotel has an in-house Historian available.
  • Wifi is complimentary for IHG Rewards members, non rewards members will be charged a fee.

Overall, this is an incredible place to stay in a great location! I'm already looking forward to returning for round two with my hubby so he can experience the fun too. This was my second stay at a Kimpton, and both experiences have proved to be excellent. My only recommendation would be to bring a portable makeup mirror if you have more than one person getting ready at a time. With everyone shifting towards sustainable energy and lighting, the rooms can be dim if you're needing to get ready outside of the bathroom (we had three girls with us). Cheers to your next Kimpton Nine Zero stay! Tag me and let me know what you think if you end up making the trip. 


* In partnership with Kimpton Nine Zero. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

10 Random Things I'm Loving Right Now

Good morning, babes! I'm finally back home after a long trip around New England. This was my first time visiting Boston and New Hampshire, and my second time in Vermont and it was absolutely stunning. I will say, I'm happy to be back home and with my family though - I missed them! 

For toady's post, I thought it would be fun to share 10 random things I'm really loving right now! I spend a lot of time trying out new products, ordering the latest and greatest, and using researching "what's next", but I don't always get to share my thoughts on those items via my outfit pictures on Instagram. So, here are 10 items I'm currently excited about!

1. Beautycounter Resurfacing Peel // I have been using the resurfacing peel for a little over a month now and you guys, it's like a magic eraser for your skin! Holy cow. I had a couple blemishes on my face from hormonal pimples in the same spot month after month and the resurfacing peel has lightened those so that I almost don't see them anymore! I use the product 3-4 times per week, it's super easy, and I do not consider it abrasive. Hoping with more continued  use that my scars will be gone forever! 

2. Eye Patches // I had the good fortune of getting to experience Glam Squad while at New York Fashion week last month and the kind woman who did my makeup used eye patches on me. This was my first experience with eye patches, but also not my last! I fell in love with how they felt and what they did for my under eye (reduce redness, puffiness, and dark circles), that I have been experimenting with different brands ever since. Some of my favorites are here and here and these are next on my list to try.

3. Teleties // Have y'all heard of these? As mentioned above, bloggers have the opportunity of trying out new products sometimes, so when Teleties asked if they could send me some of these hair ties it caught my attention immediately as I had heard they were better for your hair! I tend to get breakage around where my hair sits in a pony tail, so I'm all about finding a better option and so far, I think these really work! I've been wearing them for a few weeks now, and I noticed they don't pull or tug on my hair like a normal hair tie does, but they still hold my hair up even while working out! 

4. Nespresso // I've always loved Nespresso coffee but we recently bought a Nespresso machine for our home and it is hands down the best investment we've ever made. The coffee is incomparable to what I used to drink, and I spend less money on Starbucks because of it! Linking the machine we have here. If you are a coffee snob like me, add this to your Christmas wish list and you can thank me later!

5. Gucci Camera Bag // Alright, this is more of a splurge item, but if you have the means I highly recommend this bag. It's the first Gucci bag I've ever owned, and I've actually never purchased myself a designer bag prior to this one. Shane bought both of my Louis as gifts, and I've always been more modest when it comes to spending on designer items. However, I had my eye on this bag for what felt like forever, knew it would be versatile in all seasons, and wanted to reward myself on a recent milestone I worked really hard for. So, bag purchased and I don't regret it one bit! It's been so handy, the size is perfect, and I still look at it googly eyed every day. 

6.  Knit Turtleneck Sweater // I posted this on Instagram recently! It's a $19.99 turtleneck that feels like heaven! If I'm being honest, I was surprised by how great the quality is for the price point. I love that it's longer, fits under jackets, and comes in three colors. 

7. Sakara Daily Probiotic Blend // This is a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes that promote healthy, balanced microbiome for overall wellness. I first heard about these when The Skinny Confidential interviewed the Sakara Life girls on her podcast and decided to give them a try! With all of the traveling I do, my body feels out of routine, and these have really helped regulate my gut health! You're supposed to take one at night, and one in the morning on an empty stomach but I typically just take one in the morning and am really impressed with how well they work when taken regularly. 

8. Josie By Natorie PJ's // I took these to New England with me and I'm fairly certain I'm never taking them off. They're simple yet cute, soft, and comfy! I have the burgundy color but it also comes in grey/black. When your feet get cold, add these knee high socks for all the cozy vibes.

9. Ponchos // This is a more generalized item, but here's why I like them for fall. One, they can be worn so many ways! Over leggings, over a dress, or with jeans, knee high boots and a simple tee underneath! Two, they keep you really warm! It's like wearing a blanket around. I hate how restricting coats can be, and ponchos keep the warmth in but allow for more movement. Three, you can find some really cute affordable ones at all types retailers! Some of my favorites can be found here, here and here.

10. Organic Pure Care Inca Oil // My hair dresser recommended this and I'm so thankful because it has made a difference in my hair! This is made in Italy and assists in sealing split ends, regenerating the hair during blow drying, and helps dry, treated, and lifeless hair come back to life! I put a small size drop in damp hair about 3 times a week. 


Friday, October 12, 2018

Weekend Guide to Asheville, NC

This was one of my favorite weekends to date! Asheville is just a short two hour drive from Charlotte, and the perfect weekend getaway destination. Bailey and I got to bring the boys with us for this trip, and it truly made one for the books! There's so much to do in Asheville, you'll find one of the best brewery scenes on the east coast, lots of farm to table local restaurants, and stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains all around you. I've put together the perfect guide (based off our own activities while visiting) to a weekend in Asheville for you and your travel companions! 


 For this trip, we stayed at the Hyatt Place Asheville Downtown! This was my first time staying at this hotel, and I loved it. It's conveniently located just a short walk from over 200 locally owned shops, restaurants and entertainment venues in the downtown area of the city! Rooms were artfully decorated (pictured above), and either had a view of downtown or the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bailey and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay in both the bridal and grooms suites and they were by far some of the coolest rooms we've ever stayed in! They were spacious, full of luxury, and honestly like mini apartments. The hotels hospitality was fantastic, breakfast was included in our stay daily, and the hotel's lobby had it's own coffee bar with locally produced snacks at hand - if you know me, you know this was a highlight! I can't go without mentioning the hotels own rooftop bar, The Montford. The Montford serves up artisanal small plates, craft cocktails, and panoramic views of the Blue Ridge mountains - make sure to check this spot out.


The food scene in Asheville is spectacular! You really can't go wrong here but let me highlight a few of my favorites. 

The Montford Rooftop Bar // As mentioned above, this spot is located at the top of the Hyatt Place hotel and boasts some of the best restaurant views we've seen in Asheville to date. A contemporary, rustic speakeasy, offering craft cocktails and small plates. Some of our food favorites here were the tater tots, bison meatballs, and sausage flat bread. Don't miss out on the smoking gun either! I would recommend this if you're looking for a more casual, laid back dinner & drinks scene.

Curate // Asheville's number one rated restaurant! We had dinner here our second night, and it was all that it was cracked up to be. This is another small plates joint, offering some of Spain's finest and most authentic cuisine. I loved this whole experience! Make sure to book a reservation as early as possible and this spot rarely has room for walk-ins and reservations can be hard to come by last minute. 

Old Europe // Let's be honest, this guide wouldn't be complete if I didn't find a great local coffee shop in town. We randomly stumbled upon this place in search of a good iced coffee to combat the heat and we struck gold! This spot makes authentic European desserts and pastries daily, and the coffee didn't disappoint either. It's a cozy little spot perfect for an afternoon break! 

The Corner Kitchen // This is the cutest little restaurant located in the Biltmore Village. The village itself has been dubbed historic, and is filled with cozy little shops and restaurants. We did Sunday brunch here and the menu consisted of lots of southern "mommas" fare. 

Tupelo Honey Cafe // Asheville is home to Tupelo Honey's first ever location! Scratch made southern food at it's finest, this place is the perfect brunch location. We have one here in Charlotte, but there's nothing like visiting the OG of brunch while in Asheville. If you take me up on my recommendation, make sure to order the sweet potato pancake - it does not disappoint. Anticipate a longer wait time here as this is a popular location!


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. // Okay, I'm not even a beer drinker and I loved this place and really can't wait to go back! If this isn't on your list of to-do's go ahead and add it in! Let me just start off by saying the food is actually really good here too, we had lunch here on Saturday of our trip but since I was mentioning it here under activities, I skipped adding it under the food category. They have corn hole, live music, bocce ball, and obviously lots of Sierra Nevada beer. I recommend setting aside a half day for this as it's located just outside of Asheville.

Biltmore Estate // If you've never been to Asheville, this is a iconic must do in the city. The Biltmore Estate is a mansion built by George Washington Vanderbilt II in the 1800's and the largest privately owned house in the United States. Guided tours take you through all the rooms of the home, there is an on-site vineyard with wine tasting opportunities, an equestrian center and much more. This does require the purchase of a ticket. 

Go Shopping Downtown // If you're staying at the Hyatt Place Asheville, downtown is walking distance from the hotel. Asheville is known for it's local artists and designs, cool indie wear, and vintage boutiques. If you're into the artsy things, you should spend an hour or so checking these places out. If you're in search of art specifically, I hear the River Arts District is the place to be. We haven't experienced this personally, but it's on our list for next time.

Cruise along the Blue Ridge Parkway // This 469 mile scenic route between Virginia and North Carolina is stunning no matter what time of year you are visiting, but during fall it's absolutely spectacular. Expect panoramic views of the mountains, wildlife, and foliage for days! It's also home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails if you prefer to take in natures beauty on foot. I have hiked around the Blue Ridge Mountains, but not in Asheville so I cannot recommend a specific trail just yet but will update once I've experienced this here. They also offer guided tours for this!


Asheville is pretty casual in terms of attire. It's one of America's best outdoor towns so you'll notice lots of hiking gear, flannel, jeans, and athletic wear. If you're headed out to dinner, jeans are still appropriate - I just dressed mine up with a simple blouse and heels, or a fancier slide if you're not a fan of the added height. 


*In partnership with Hyatt Place Asheville Downtown. As always, all opinions are my own.

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