Thursday, July 30, 2020

Our Stylish Covered Patio with Bernhardt Exteriors and New South Home

Interior Design // New South Home
Taylor Sofa // Bernhardt Exteriors
Wailea Swivel Chairs // Bernhardt Exteriors
Tenerife Coffee Table // Bernhardt Exteriors
Pacifica Side Tables // Bernhardt Exteriors

By now, most of you know Shane and I purchased a new home at the beginning of this pandemic in March. With warm and sunny days approaching quickly, we knew the patio would be one of our main focuses to complete first. A well designed space can not only enhance your living area, but entice you to spend more time outside. For me personally, this area is my favorite part of our home, so I knew I wanted it done correctly. The inside of our house is made up of floor to ceiling windows all the way around, so even though the patio was outside, I knew it needed to feel connected to the rest of our space. I wanted something stylish yet comfortable and conducive of entertaining a larger group, but wasn't exactly sure how to make this come to life. 

Insert New South Home. Melissa (owner of this design firm) and I had been following each other on Instagram for a year or two prior to connecting on this project. I had always wanted to work with her, but knew our old home wasn't our forever home, and didn't want to pour money into something that I wasn't 100% sure would transfer to a new place. Once we moved, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to establish a relationship and have her help me pull together this space to be a dreamy outdoor oasis. You guys, I cannot rave about this experience enough. From the moment I reached out to New South Home to completion of our patio install, I was blown away by not only the talent within their company, but the level of communication, timeliness, and execution. I felt like a priority despite being a much smaller project and the entire process was seamless. I knew exactly what to expect, and our furniture was even delivered a week earlier than the set install date (which was a really nice surprise). 

The Process

If you're wondering how the design process with New South Home works, check out their services here. They offer a few different options depending on your needs, but for this project we chose "room design and complete furnishings". As I previously mentioned, I reached out to Melissa with our needs, and from there step 1 began with a Zoom call (this is typically an in-home consultation but they are safely social distancing due to COVID19) of our space. We discussed my ideas, I showed them the space, we measured and took photos, and from there the team created a custom design plan. This included the layout of our space on a mood board, which included furnishings, colors, fabrics etc. that was actually set into a rendering of our exact space so it was super easy to visualize what the final product would look like. Once every item had been decided upon, I received a statement with the total cost of the project (line item by line item) and approved ordering. Melissa set an install date based off what the furniture manufacturers shipping time was, and installation actually began a week earlier! The install is obviously the best part as New South Home came in, set everything up, and revealed the final look to us once everything was in its place. I was in complete awe! From the furniture selections, to the smaller decorations this space turned out to be everything I wanted and more. Below you'll see the rendering provided during the selection process (identical to the final product)!

(Potential Phase 2 for the deck)


If you're looking for a design firm to work with in the southeast, I can't recommend New South Home enough. Melissa is so passionate about her work, and such a joy to work with! Not only is she talented, but she truly has the process streamlined for the client so that every step of the way is stress free. I knew exactly what to expect from the very beginning, and she delivered on those expectations (on time) every time (even in the middle of a pandemic). We couldn't be happier with the space, and the quality of the furniture. On that note, I'm also extremely happy with Bernhardt's new exterior line and their delivery of timeless yet modern and well built furniture. These are items we plan to keep and use for years to come, so it was important to us that it could withstand outdoor elements. I can't even begin to describe how comfortable the couch is, and the functionality and roominess of the swivel chairs are exactly what we wanted (men fit in these chairs really well). Quality over quantity! 


*In partnership with New South Home and Bernhardt 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Our Gender Reveal Party - Ideas, Supplies & Decor

 Shane and I are so excited to share that we will be welcoming a baby BOY in December 2020. We were completely shocked and surprised by this as both of us thought it was a girl up until Sunday! Regardless, we are overjoyed with excitement and can't wait to welcome little man to the family. As you can see, Shane is so excited he actually looks like he just won the Masters, ha! I have to say, this was hands down one of the most special days of both of our lives and we are so happy we chose to keep it a true surprise & host a reveal with our closest friends and family. Shane described this day as pure "euphoria", and for me - there are no words to describe the feeling I felt in this moment other than pure joy. Our doctor called us 10 days prior to this moment with the results of our blood test and I quickly handed the phone to a girlfriend of mine who kept this secret lock and key! 

You don't think he was team boy, do you? Haha! I had lots of questions about party decor, vendors we used and who coordinated everything so I thought I'd give the links to everything a permanent place to live here in case you're considering a similar event of your own.

As for coordination:  I did it myself. Parties are so fun, but let me tell you - they are a TON of work. Meryl and John, and my friend Andrea, extended a helping hand to set up and run a few errands which I felt really grateful for but outside of that I planned and coordinated everything on my own. I would recommend getting started with the planning process about a month in advance as certain items take awhile to ship and that way you aren't stressing out last minute about items that didn't make it in time.

 Party decor 

 Cotton Candy - Party City
Confetti - Party City


Cake & Donuts - Suarez Bakery 
Balloon installation - Confetti Castle 
Flowers - Trader Joes 

We are beyond thankful for all the well wishes, sweet comments, and love this baby boy has already been showered with. December can't come soon enough! Thank you for letting me share these special moments with you, our hearts are so full. 

You can view our reveal video here (Shanes reaction in real time is worth the view, ha!).

*Something worth noting - due to the current state of our country, we opted to purchase an infrared thermometer and scanned each persons temperature prior to letting them out back at the advice of our doctor. The entire event was held outdoors, and hand sanitizer was given to everyone throughout the party. 


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Life Update: We're Pregnant + First Trimester Details

Ahhh, I can't believe the news is finally out. I'm not a good secret keeper, and this one was by far the hardest to keep. The last 12 weeks have been interesting to say the least and I've found myself looking for similar personalities to relate too. With that said, that's been somewhat challenging to find. So, I wanted to document my own personal experience and journey with this pregnancy in the hopes that it can be comforting to someone else looking for the same. 

I found out I was pregnant right around the 4 week mark. The biggest indicator was missing my period. I was about a week late which wasn't normal for my cycle, so two days before Shane's 33rd birthday I decided to take a pregnancy test. To be honest, I really didn't think it was going to come back positive. I thought the stress and change of being home and in quarantine was maybe causing my hormones to fluctuate, buttttt... as we all know, I was clearly wrong, ha!

Weeks 4-7

Throughout weeks 4 and 5 I still felt pretty normal. I looked bloated and I had an insane appetite but other than that, things weren't too different. Week 6 was when I started to notice the biggest change in symptoms. I felt insanely exhausted, to the point where some days I couldn't do anything at all outside of a workout because the workout took every last ounce of energy out of me for the day. I also experienced extreme nausea during week 6 that lasted all day long, food aversions, weird cravings and excess saliva. I also started waking up at 6:00 AM on the dot on my own - goodbye to sleeping in. Week 7 looked about the same as week 6 without as intense of cravings. I was still craving things, but not as intensely. My eating habits have done a total 180. Those of you who know me, or who have spent significant time following my blog, know that I am big on eating healthy and actually enjoy finding healthy recipes and things to eat. Well, that has pretty much gone out the window so far. I am craving nothing but carbs and savory things and have probably doubled my daily carb intake. Foods I have loved and eaten for years make me want to gag at the moment, and the only thing that seems to settle the nausea are bagels and bread. I've struggled with this because my body type does not thrive off a high carb diet. I've spent years building muscle, toning, eating healthy and focusing on fueling my body with nutritious choices so it feels very unlike myself, but then again - pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I have to remind myself that I am blessed to be able to carry a healthy baby!

Weeks 8-11

Week 8 was still full of nausea, exhaustion, carb cravings, food aversions, and honestly - probably the toughest week for me so far. I wasn't able to workout a single day during this week, and spent most of it in my bed. I may or may not have had a slight meltdown born out of exhaustion and hormones and the fear of never getting some relief from the nausea, but Shane has been nothing short of an angel and really made me feel loved and supported when I needed it most. I also began to show a slight bump this week and my elastic waistband on my Lululemon tracker shorts were beginning to pull! Week 9 we went to the beach with a couple of our friends, and for the first time in what felt like forever, I actually felt the most like myself. I think the distraction really helped take my mind off of things which maybe eased up the nausea as well. I still experienced food aversions, especially towards meat, but I noticed if it was already cooked and in front of me I could manage to eat it and be okay with it. It was more the thought of meats and eggs that made me want to gag than it was actually eating it. I was able to do a few light workouts this week as well, although I'm out of breathe like I just ran a marathon after a mere walk down the beach, but nonetheless - i'll take it! Week 10 I experienced a couple days of the nausea and fatigue again but overall, things were looking on the up and up. Week 11 has been pretty good! I added a vitamin B complex supplement at the recommendations of my doctors which has helped my energy levels tremendously. I'm also finally sleeping better at night with less frequent trips to the bathroom, and am slowly starting to add back in some of the healthier foods I've loved for years without the gag effect. My diet is still so far from what it has been for so many years, but I feel hopeful that things will become more familiar for me in the second trimester.

We are so incredibly excited for this new chapter! Baby is dancing around nonstop, rubbing his/her face with both arms and hands and kicking it's legs all over the place. I think it's safe to say baby is as happy as a clam in there! Shane has only been able to attend 1 doctors visit with me so far due to COVID19 but we are hoping our clinic will start to consider support guests soon. Seeing our child on the ultrasound screen together and hearing the heart beat (176 the first time, 171 the second time) was by far the most surreal experience I've ever had in my entire life and filled my heart with more joy than I know how to describe. Here's to the next 28 weeks, we can't wait to meet you little Been!



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